Sometimes I forget to spit out the seeds…

I Can’t Even

When you complain that you’re not taken care of, but you don’t ask for help….

When you have unconditional love handed to you, and you spit on it….

When you say that you haven’t been heard, but you’re not talking to the ones who love you….

When you have everything you’ve ever asked for, and you walk away….

When someone gives their life for you, and you think they’re out to get you….

When you get a second (or third) chance, and you stupidly screw it up….

When you invest in the lives of children, and then you disappear….

When someone you care about is passionate about something, and you’re indifferent….

When people offer you a lifeline, and you willingly fall into the abyss….

When you gossip about a problem instead of trying to help….

When you’ve had the advantages of being brought up in a loving home, and you choose to be miserable and alone….

When you chase after something so hard, and then you catch it, but you’re afraid to hold on….

When you don’t know how to pray, so you just say “Jesus” whenever your heart contracts in a reminder of the pain all around you, and you hope no one thinks you are swearing….

When your heart and mind are so full of everything that’s wrong, and you word vomit it into a blog post….


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